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DownloadingMyMind (DMM) in association with the Society for Policy Studies (SPS) announce Flash Truths, a nano - Essay competition (in English) focused on an aspect of Indian Life of your choosing.

nano - Essay: Maximum 300 Words (on One page)


1st Prize

INR 50,000


Two 2nd Prizes

INR 25,000 each


Five 3rd Prizes

INR 15,000 each

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► The theme of this nano-Essay Competition is Indian Life. Its objective is to take the pulse of the diverse and fast-transforming Indian society and life today.
► You are free to take a Snapshot of any aspect of your Indian Life for the Essay. Who you are, and what do you feel as an Indian? What do you think of a particular facet of living today in India?
► Your 300-word (on One page) nano-Essay must be of exceptional quality and address the theme of Indian Life incisively and succinctly. It must embody an acute insight and depth of knowledge of India – past and present.
► Your Essay, in effect, will be a Flash Truth of Indian Life. It might be of interest to policy-makers, think tanks, academia, business and others.

Essay Submission Deadline: Midnight, 15 February, 2021

Enquiries: [email protected]