A full stop to her hope

A FULL STOP TO HER HOPEShe bows down her headAs she walks on the road,To hide from all rubbish talksEvery time a concealed face she showed.Her heart criesListening to the chit-chat against her,And throat driesHearing all blaming whisper.”Look at the oneWho was entangled in the crime,Even if it happened with her permissionShe destroyed her uncle’s life”.As she steps into the marketThe roadside boys point at her,They look her in lusty eyesSharing common mockery laughter.She rushes into the AutoCovering her palms on the chest,To protect herself from devils againAnd to peacefully rest.The biased society thinksIt’s correct to treat her like dirt,As she has been raped by peopleShe might be draping a naked mini skirt.She feels everything has endedAnd she will no longer feel joy,She is spat upon by people alwaysFor making friendship with a boy.She falls over the nearby benchThrowing her all accessories down,”I can not bear it anymore,”She screams and cries aloud.She comes back to her homeFrom the reckless world outside,She feels so sad for herselfAnd decides leaving this world is right.She closes her roomAnd ties the knot of rope,Her fragile body moves in the airAnd a full stop was added to her hope.