A murky dusk

A Murky Dusk
As the Sun descends and hides behind the horizon,
Darkness takes over the sky and the Crimson makes its way.
A gentle breeze instills a stunned silence as if putting all to sleep.
Shadows stand taller and darker ushering their dominance all over the place.
As it gets darker,a sense of everlasting gloom fills the air.
The wails of agony echoing all around get under the skin.
Terror and restlessness sets the tone for the time to come.
Something peculiar seems to happen which seldom happened before.
With the Crimson almost vanished and the sky entirely dark,
The shadows cease to exist with the moonlight taking over in the lustrous company of stars.
All the echoes of agony seem to be muted by the melodies of crickets and katydids.
A strong feeling of delight overpowers gloom.
Calmness fills the air with its fragrance as the night finally sets in.
And that ends the stint of a rare and murky dusk.