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About Founder

Rakesh Ahuja founded DownloadingMyMind (DMM)  in 2020.

He is a committed, life-long Existentialist. Hence, a professional career replete with right-angled turns: Wharfie, Crane Operator, Chartered Accountant, Australian Diplomat (11 Posts in 29 years), Consultant on Coal/Uranium Energy trade, Advisor to Australian Federal and South Australian Governments on Trade relations with India, Political/Economic/Cultural Risk Analyst for Corporates entering Australian, Indian and Chinese markets, CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Certified, and now the founder of DownloadingMyMind. DMM’s core proposition is that each of us, however humble our personal or professional background, has much to share of our Life’s journey, our Story, with people close and afar. And not only today but with our descendants to come.

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About DMM

Core Value Proposition: Every human has a mind, and every mind has a story to tell.

We are born, we live, we die. The vast majority of us lead ordinary lives; not all of us become statesmen, writers, artists, Business or Sports personalities or whatever. But each of us is unique, each has a story of a life lived, and each is a library of unique experiences, ideas and thoughts and feelings. Why should our Life’s Story be wiped out when we are no more? No, we should all have a platform for leaving behind a legacy of our dreams, relationships, achievements, mistakes made and lessons leant, and opinions on issues of our day.

DMM provides a compact, one-stop platform for preserving your Life’s Journey. First, to enable you to record FREE all facets of your NowLife. That is, all you wish to share of your day to day mind and body with the world outside. Gradually, your thoughts will evolve into your Autobiography in the Library of Minds. Second, to provide a secure platform for depositing your digitised legacy, the AfterLife. It might include your private records that define your Life’s Story (and which you do not wish to share with public at large). It would be accessible only to your authorised nominees, e.g. family, descendants, doctors, Estate Executors, etc.