Best Working from Home Tips

Stay flexible, embrace change, and think of the transition to your home office as an opportunity to create a healthier WFH experience.

1. Build a Permanent Work Space.
2. Invest in Quality Technology
3. Get Comfortable Office Furniture
4. Set Real Work Hours
5. Avoid Work Creep
6. Discover Your High Productivity Periods
7. Make To-Do Lists
8. Use a Planner
9. Stick to One Task Management App
10. Don’t Start Your Work Day in Your PJs
11. Don’t Work in the Living Room
12. Set a Morning Routine and Stick to It
13. Set 2+ Alarms
14. Exercise & Stretch Regularly
15. Eat Healthy Lunch & Snacks
16. Take Short Breaks
17. Create a Rewards System
18. Use Productivity Apps
19. Stay Off Social Media
20. Listen to Music
21. Step Outside
22. Use Video Chat
23. Hack Your “Lunch Break” for Errands
24. Avoid Family, Friends, and Pets
25. Create a Vision Board
26. Check-In With Co-Workers Frequently
27. Declare your WFH Availability
28. Assume Positive Intent
29. Make an Effort to Connect Beyond Work
30. Invest in a Good Pair of Headphones
31. Stay Vigilant Against Security Risks
32. Use Professional Communication Tools

I hope this will help you all!

Comments On “Best Working from Home Tips”

  1. Rakesh Ahuja

    I will count to work out how many of these 32 criteria I meet!!