Can you stop?

Title: can you stop?
Can you stop saying,
I embarrass myself and everyone around me,
Because I know it’s a joke,
But my insecurities fail to understand that.
Can you please stop,
Telling me I’m too mature,
Because at times I wish I wasn’t this way,
My overthinking starts burdening me more this way.
Can you stop,
Saying negative words about my social ways and talks,
Because it scares me the next time I’m about to say something.
Can you stop saying,
All the time I spent with them,
Was me buttering up to them,
Because it makes it harder to befriend someone the next time.
Can you stop telling me to change myself,
Because even those tiny laughter have become dread to my ears,
And my mirror has become a constant source of judgements you passed.
So can you stop,
Meddling into my life,
With your beliefs that it’s alright,
Because right now I’m quiet,
Maybe I’ll be quiet tomorrow as well,
Today I’m quiet hearing you joke about me being embarrassing,
And tomorrow I’ll be quiet being embarrassing all alone..