Was it?

Was it the time?
When I understood,
If I can’t see your,
You can’t see me too,
Theory was incorrect?

Or when I finally knew,
Monsters aren’t hidden under the bed,
But mingled with our world?

Was it when,
Somebody told me,
Sun and moon dont,
Walk with us,
Or when I saw,
Dad putting gifts,
Under the christmas tree for us.

When was it that,
Spring time id my life,
Left me,
And life swapped seasons.

Was it when it was revealed,
That people dont really,
Love you,
They use you.

Or the time,
Oh so precious 1 rs. Coin,
Turned to,
Not so precious,
100 rs. Note.

Is it when I came to know,
The more older you turn,
The lesser you are loved,
People daily lose their beloved.

Maybe it left me too,
As I started to grow older,
It started loving me lesser
Life spinned in its axis,
The seasons of my life,
Changed from spring to winter,
To develop a cold heart,
Replacing the other.