FAMILY: Kate Ahuja – Revolutions & Cause Questions

My grand-daughter, Kate – I have never before used this filial phrase – be flattered, Kate – sought my comments on an exercise she is partaking in the context of her studies. The proposition is:
Frederich Charles Schaffer (2013) was wholly right when he said, ‘If political scientists in seeking explanation for surprising human actions were to ask only cause questions – even ones that invite investigation into reasons, motives and understandings – their inquires would be dangerously constrained and potentially misguided ‘
Frederic Charles Schaffer (2013)

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement in relation to revolutions?

My response, formulated between bouts of sleep while in isolation in Antara, is attached. Writing this brief Brief recalled tiny bits and pieces from two assessments I well recall writing: One, from Moscow (after Gorbachev’s 22nd Congress Speech in 1996) and another from New Delhi in 1994 assessing Prime Minister Narasimha Rao’s “Cultural Revolution”. Both papers undoubtedly lie ignored and unread within the pristine air of the Australian Archives.
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