Framing A Green India

A green city is apparently an enormous attraction and fascination to all. No doubt, it is free from air pollution and it is definitely a very hygienic, fresh and pleasant climate. I love everything about our beautiful country whichever built long ago by our ancestors. Be it society, jobs, education, construction, etc., all are significantly figured out by our past generation. As a present breeding, we should not destroy their valuable conformations, rather we should be concerned, respect and pursue those useful imprints. We should establish something more radiant for our future generations. Obviously, we cannot deny the natural beauty of our country but sadly in some states, the glamour was defiled and the air was polluted particularly the urban areas. However, we can still rejuvenate the damage. It is never too late to start a good phenomenon.

Nature is the greatest gift of God to us. Plants, trees, vegetables, fruits are giving us life every day. They are absolutely fundamental to life. They are not only operate as food sources but also release oxygen, help maintain the water level and protect the climate change.

It is vitally important to inculcate the spirit of nature’s amiable on the hearts and minds of the youths today by introducing the course study on gardening and planting in their schooling system. It is high time to encompass gardening and planting activities as portion of the course study both practically and theoretically. Children will learn their vital essential for a healthy life. They will love to grow plants, trees and vegetables and they will identify them as future profession and also as the best activities to perform. Country will bloom with different colours of flowers, fruits and green trees, and the air will become fresh and pure. The future generations will acclaim us for such a fresh and neat environment.

I would love to conclude with these precious words of our famous thinker and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore who stated that, ” The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never set in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.”

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