We will pass,Like the one’s before us,And the one’s before them,Our memories will be irrelevant to everyone except us,Our secrets will mean nothing to those who don’t know them,We are the simpletons that caught no ones attention and dare I say that’s why our youth lasted longer. Time rules our bodies,But our moments rule time,So when you and I decay and turn into a pile of mush,Our moments will live forever,They were born godlike,They will triumph death and declare their immortality. My dear,I’ve loved you since the time I learned how to write,You’ve loved me since the time you learned how to read,My hands have scribbled without my permission and your eyes have perused without yours,We were custom-made so we may not fit in any other place even if we wanted to, but we….never wanted to. my dear, let’s not rush,Let’s lay on the grass counting the starts that are way too many,Listening to each others thoughts in absolute silence,telling ourselves life has never been sweeter,And I promise…,We’ll never grow old