INDIAN LIFE

India is located in the sourthern part of the largest continent, Asia. It covers 2.8 percent area of the world. It has 29 states and 7 union territories. India is surrounded by three water bodies i.e. Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

          Beautiful places are almost alive!

     When you visit them, you can feel their breathes.

If we look the past of India, it is full of colonial powers like Eurpoean, British, French, etc. We lost our many leaders like Birsa Munda, Kushal Konwar, Bhagat Singh,etc, during the struggle for freedom. Maybe this is the main reason why the people of India knows what is the value of freedom. India got its INDEPENDENCE on 15 August 1947.

          Freedom is never dear at any price.

     It is the breath of life.

          What would a man not pay for living!

India had celebrated its 74th Independences Day in 2021. It had been so many years, we got independence but even today if we look to the struggles of our freedom fighters like Jawarlalnehru, Mahatma Gandhi, etc, our eyes will full of tears. Generally Indians are very emotional. They are very KIND and HARDWORKING. If an indian determines that he/she has to do something, then no matter who tries to stop them or what are the problems he or she going to suffer on that path,the only thing remains at that time is to achieve that thing and not stop till they get that thing.

     Our dreams does not becomes reality through magie,

          it takes sweat,determination and hardwork.

Generally life of common people who belongs to India is full of problems, they have to work for a whole day to get only the food of night, but they stand against al the problems with a nice smile. This is the best things of an Indian. Indians are very inocent and they have true feelings . These true feelings is so true, that from only this true feelings they have the power of changing a rock into a Living Being. Even today in India, the mother is unable to sleep if her child is suffering from cold. The father of a child works for a whole day, to give his child a comfortable night, he don’t look that he has eaten something or not. These pure relations can only be seen in INDIA.

            Pure relations are always true ,

                  no matters with whom.

Even today if any Indian listen ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai ‘, his/her heart start skipping one beat. If someone wants to know the real meaning of real love, then he/ she should visit to INDIA.