Indian life

India is the cradle of human race also the birthplace of human speech. The mother of history, the grandmother of legends also the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most constructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.

My name is Anjali and I am very proud of being an Indian because I have the freedom to speak, write and protest against evil doings. We have the right to stand up and fight when we see human cruelty. I am proud at the way India has taken the initiative to distribute Vaccines for Covid to so many countries in the world. In fact, to many neighborly countries, India had donated the vaccines as a goodwill measure. Today, India has become a pharmacy for the world and I am proud of this fact. India has changed a lot over the last 20–25 years and it has changing for good. It will change further as time progresses. A lot of factors are attributed to this change and I am citing a few of them. India is transforming through education, democracy, science, technology, nationalism, patriotism, development and inclusive culture of Hinduism which sees unity in diversity. Some changes, I saw recently in the Indian society are Increase in the acceptance of love marriages, Increase in the willingness to give education to people in general and children in particular, allowing women also to work wherever they want, 2014 saw the Supreme court of India recognising transgenders as a third gender in a landmark judgement. The changing attitude of Indians towards people who do not conform to the two main genders shows that Indians are growing mature and tolerant and it is indeed a great example of transforming India. Education play key role in the healthy development of the society and is source of generation of economy also . Let’s see the positive aspects :(i) Imparting education leds to increase in literacy rates : Literacy is key for socio-economic development of our country .(ii) Imparting education encourages Rural Entrepreneurship : Education enables the youth not to be job seekers and employment generators . Enterpreneurship will make rural India what Mahatma Gandhi had dreamth of India – “The future of India lies in village”.(iii) Encourages people to Fight with seterotypes like child marriages , female foeticide : Education will enable marginalized people especially women , children to fight for their rights.Films and television played a great role in transforming India. With economic liberalization Hollywood movies started to get released in India simultaneously with rest of the world and became hugely successful in the Indian market e.g. Jurassic Park, Titanic etc. As a result Indian audience experienced better cinema in terms of technology and story telling. Women empowerment – A significant amount of progress has been made over the last 25–30 years in the area of empowerment of women. Attitude towards marriage, sex and relationships – As more and more people are getting exposed to the global culture and society and with the rising number of women becoming increasingly independent the attitude towards marriage relationship and sex has changed. Things such as love marriage, divorce, pre marital sex, live in relationships and even gay relationships are becoming acceptable gradually, at least by the new generation.Influence of technology – With the technological advancements such as computers, internet, smart phones and social media people are becoming more and more exposed and connected to the world. This has done a significant upliftment in every spheres of life.

Conclusion – Having said all these, above India has still a long way to go to become an America or like any developed nation. Indeed people’s mentality is changing but still there are social evils such as castism, dowry, female infanticide etc. The changes have taken place significantly in urban areas but rural and remote areas are still lagging behind. A lot of developments need to be made in areas such as infrastructure, health, education and empowerment of women. Corruption needs to be eradicated fully.India is a country where people live in peace and harmony.

For me what does it mean being an Indian can never be described in words. It’s a very strong feeling of pride and honour, feeling of integrity, a great sense of respect, a height of confidence, feeling of emotions filled in my heart for my country. Today whatever I am is because of my country my motherland MY INDIA.