It is life

The thing about life,It comes as a surprise,None is in control of what to come,As we are all passengers in a train of thoughts.Wondering and thinking,And trying to picture,What the next chapter entails. Life is a school,An institution of learning,With no teacher or lecturer,And everyone is a student.It’s where you learn to rise when you fall,And try again when you fail. This is where the struggles we face,Makes us stronger everyday,And the choices we make,Open doors to places we didn’t know.We learn to adapt and grow,As new pages unfold,Of stories untold. You may say it’s a journey,An endless cycle of adventure.A dive deep in the ocean,Or snowboarding down the everest.A hike in the amazon,Or a ride at the sahara. It’s a harmonious melody,A radiant rhythm of hearts’ rhapsody.That blossoms externally.It’s a feeling of sunshine in the rains,That penetrates earths’ deepest veinsAnd warms the coldest of plains. It is life,And the more you live it,The more beautiful it becomes