My dreams

Do your dreams are like mine? Like you are trying to run but you crine. Like you are above mountain between two vale, and try to hold yourself upright between them. Like you are falling from a pile, and there’s no hand for you to detain. Like you are all alone somehow, and there’s nobody for you to sustain. Like a place where you visited so many times, But not in real life, in your dream and you only fantasize . Like you are too late for something, though, how much punctual you are in factual. Like you get buried under your own weight. Like you have no idea how to evaporate, But you do, cuz it’s your dream. You can bend it in whatever the way you desire. I fly in my dream but only little above. I don’t know how but I want to fly high like a dove. I have seen many faces in my dreams, and also the one which I never seen. I used to fantasize something at that level, where I get hallucinated, and see anything at my bevel. Aren’t you all the part of my dream?and someday I’ll wake up by some ranting alarm.