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Memory of you in the river of eternity

One day, you too will be no more.  We are born, we live, we die. 

But why should your legacy disappear when you do?

Your passing into the realm of the graveyard of souls does not mean that you cease to exist.  As long as a memory of you endures in the minds of your family, descendants, friends, etc., you do exist.

Your existence comprises both public and private persona.   The public face gradually recedes after death.  After all, not all become major historical figures, or creators of artistic or literary masterpieces.  The vast majority of us lead ordinary lives.  But each life is unique and every human being has his or her story to tell.

This ever-evolving life story is your legacy.  Everything you say or do becomes your legacy.  It not only includes your material possessions, but also cultural and other traditions you inherited, the lessons learnt and mistakes made, the values and attitudes you adopted; your views on family, relationships, friendships, careers and so on.

A legacy is the residue of a life lived.  It is the self-concept an individual has of himself or herself as an emotional, spiritual and social being: Who was I?  What I became and why?  Did I make a difference to this world?  Would there be any sign that I existed at all?  What legacy am I leaving behind? 

Your legacy should be available to those who love, care or remember you, generation after generation, long after you have departed the life’s stage

Imagine if your descendants could access a window in your life and your thinking.  What were you like as a person? Did your achievements match your dreams?  Your career?  Your interests, fears, pleasures and regrets?  Where do you fit in the family tree?  What did your voice sound like?  Your handwriting style? And even about your DNA, which one day might be useful for their genetic enhancement.

It is a human instinct to leave behind a legacy by which to be remembered.  The challenge is how to preserve your legacy before it fades away with the passing of time. 

We inhabit a complex world.  Death is no longer a clear-cut divorce from the Land of the Living.  It is not merely a question of what material inheritance to leave behind to whom. Your testamentary wishes, financial and legal obligations, private letters, diaries and visual records of personal interests and events…..all this must be dealt with by your descendants and professional Estate managers.

Much effort is required to sift through the evidence of your existence scattered across personal papers, social media, iTech devices and visual records.  This is time consuming (and expensive).  More often than not, most of your life’s story is discarded or wiped out.

Why not protect your legacy by storing it in one private, secure and easily accessible location?

The Legacy of Souls platform enables you to bequeath your life’s story for posterity.  It provides a fail-safe facility for storing all that can be digitised from your life’s journey.

·       You can open private vaults for depositing your digitised records.

·    You can use multiple Vaults to classify and store records according to subject matters (e.g. Medical, Will, Letters, Writings, etc.) or iTech mediums (photographs, videos, recordings, etc.).

·     Each vault has a unique, security key.  Only you have it.  But you can share the key/s as you wish with e.g. a Doctor (medical history in an emergency); Grandchildren (childhood memories); Travels (passports, itineraries); Executor (legal and financial records); loved ones (private letters, diaries) and so forth.

·      You can manage your Vaults as you wish: Share them, Will them, Close them.

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