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CQ: India - Culture and Physical Distancing

11 May - Cultural DistancingNYT has just published an article on the "puzzle why do some nations fare worse than others" when it comes to the ravages that Coronavirus is inflicting across the globe. (p54rx5.html)In exploring various theories. it identified cultural distancing as one of the factors to explain the riddle in India.  "In Thailand and India, where virus numbers are rela...

Comments On “CQ: India - Culture and Physical Distancing”

  1. Subhash Agrawal

    Rakesh, I agree with your succint insight. As is often the case, the Orientalists among western thinkers have got it wrong - both, about so-called 'martial' values, as well as about the hygienic saintliness of habits of physical separation in India. Good read ! And of course, many (belated) congratulations on this site ! I hope it becomes an oasis where people can share ideas, thoughts, experiences - and good cheer !