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The 10 most annoying things about staying in hotels!

Shared By Rakesh Ahuja | | | hotels, travel

BuffetAll I want is my usual breakfast. Some fruit, a bowl of whatever approximation of muesli happens to be on the buffet, tea. Maybe I'll pad it out with an orange juice and I can't walk past the bakery selection without a snail sliding on my plate – and now you want to charge me $35? Plus whatever tax you're going to bung on top when I check out? I could get my money's worth if I ...

Comments On “The 10 most annoying things about staying in hotels!”

  1. Peter Tesch

    Oh, dear author and similarly suffering fellow-traveler. I feel your pain - we all do, who have to contend with the sort of idiocies you describe. Have the people who design hotel rooms NEVER traveled and had to stay in one of their own creations? My personal loathing is for bedsides that lack a visible and accessible - and EMPTY - electrical socket. Why, oh why, does one have to drag aside an overweight bedside table to discover that all electrical outlets are occupied? All I want is to plug in my mobile charger.And, yes, I agree about master light controls. It's easier to build a nuclear device than fathom the mind of the person who decided that three different wall switches are needed to douse all room lights - and, even then, there is that annoying night-light glow underneath the (inadequate) suitcase bench in the entry ... Ok, ok - this sounds like privileged carping. But it isn't. It's just a lament for the lack of practicality which blights modern travel.