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Shattered like a broken glass

Posted By Shivani singh | | |

An innocent girl who loves to venture the world
She met a guy, then the things she once believed in became blurred
For her, Everything was a sacrifice
For him, Everything was a show

She was shattered like a broken glass 
And she thought that maybe if she fade just like a dust
Then no one would knew that she was here 
She was here and was shattered in a million pieces.

No one can understand the pain that she felt 
He broke her once
and now she’s struggling to trust someone else.

Because it wasn’t an accident
You meant to break it
even if you leave
The damage was done by you. 

For her, Promises is everything
but after he got it broken
his sorry means nothing!

She's the broken glass 
You shattered on the floor
Shattered in a million pieces 
A broken glass nothing more