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24 Hours' Life Left, Say it all, Nothing to Lose

17 April 2020

It is a cloudy envelope surrounding the mountains - and my mind.  One thought: Ganges is not far away.  Led to reflections about the often-used simile between rivers and life.

Conclusion: The best you can do in the river of life is to do whatever is needed to make sure that the river can flow, that it thas the freedom to do so, to roam.  The direction it takes is not something which we can control.  It has its mind.

Same with life.  We must live for the moment and let it flow - the bad and the good.  Yesterday is written in rock; tomorrow is blowing in the wind; only now and now now counts.  The answer for day to day existence is to let it flow, let it go - feel the happiness and revel in it for the moment, feel the regret and forget it...................just feel yourself as flowing in the river of life, just as water feels going in a direction unknown to it but has an end - the ocean, from where we were germinated and to which we return immersed in river waters. 

Is that what the whole story of immersing one's ashes in the Ganges all about?

4 December 2020

Giving and Taking

I am sick and tired of giving. All my life, one precept that has guided me is to give, to contribute, to share - all my emotional and intellectual background has been based on Greek, Indian and Chinese studies. One example: I myself do not eat much, but spend hours devising menus for visiting guests.

And, now, this morning, a revelation. I am addicted to "giving" but it is not altruistic. I now realise that consciously or unconsciously, I expect a return. This is no doubt a throwback to my Chartered Accountancy upbringing - calculating costs and benefits. I am truly devastated, truly devastated that my' giving' has a 'taking' aspect to my actions. It is not surprising, therefore, that I am so often disappointed with the actions of acquaintances, friends, lovers and relatives. I now accept responsibility for my misplaced predilection to J'accuse.

Conclusion: In future, No Giving and, to preserve my principle of not being obligated to anyone in any way, No Taking.


Comments On “24 Hours\' Life Left, Say it all, Nothing to Lose”

  1. Rakesh Ahuja

    David, this is a touching and beautiful personal reflection in the context of what I wrote. The words ".... rivers of living water will flow from within them" are just so apt about what you and I are reflecting on. Now I know something so significant that is within you (which I did not for over thirty years that we have known each other). Thank you, my friend. Let us continue this conversation as and when we can.

  2. David James H Whittem

    There is a spiritual significance often to the place where we grow up in our informative years, for me it was not Sydney where I was born but Alice Springs and the Outback were we lived from when I was 4 in till I was 11, on returning many years later there was an indescribable connection which was embedded into my mind, and impossible to explain logically.Logic does not apply to the words of Jesus who said, “Whoever believes in me as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”In AliceSprings the Todd river is usually a dry riverbed, but periodically when there is heavy rain it flows emptying into the Simpson Desert.There is only one everlasting source to the River of Eternal life in my mind.

  3. Rakesh Ahuja

    Good question. And here is something very private in response, (Now public of course.) While I fully appreciate the pull of the Ganges for the Indian psyche, it is not so for me. I suppose I never absorbed its psychological or spiritual influence because I was in Australia during my formative years. Instead, and believe it or not, it is the Black Mountain overlooking my house in Canberra that pulls my chain as far as the disposal of my ashes is concerned. That hill - I know a mountain it is not especially when sitting here under the shadow of the Himalayas - has played an inordinate part in my life (and that is a long story, including an aboriginal connection). My Will provides that my ashes will be scattered on the Mountain by named nominees. I should add that you both have been on the list since 2013. Just wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds before you touch my being.