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A girl behind me

A girl behind meLaughs with many,Happy with nobody.She smiles randomly,Who knows!She screams so badly.A girl behind me,Locks her face within the pillow,Saying everything's allright.The reality -she locksher painAnd cry all night.A girl behind me Say's she don't care.The world says she's Rock hearted.Who knows !She's broken inside !...

Comments On “A girl behind me”

  1. Rakesh Ahuja

    Good morning, I have just seen this. An off the cuff comment. Does the girl behind you reflect the 21st Century pandemic - Loneliness? Long, long ago, in a London pub, I recall Esther (surname lost in the mist; she was a writer for BBC) recounting her life as a widow. She said something to the effect that loneliness is nobody to do nothing with even though there were plenty of people to do something with. Could one break down " She's broken inside" to this simplistic notion of Loneliness?