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My Winning Essay: Flash Truths - Taking India's Pulse

I have won the third prize in the recently held Nano Essay Competition, "Flash Truths- Taking India's Pulse" organised by DownloadingMyMind in association with the Society for Public Studies.


"Indian Life- Identity Found"

I am twelve years of being told I'm born Naga, and the other twelve of struggle towards identity. I am Indian!
I am Indian juxtaposed between the parallels of joy and grief; a rainbow of emotions that flood my thoughts as I think of my Motherland. I am a victim to race, but also my own perpetrator when I prolong my existing grief. My people sing songs of courage passed down from three generations of Naga folklore. I am brave, I am Indian!
I am the proud daughter of the lands that stretch from Kashmir to Kerala, and Gujarat to Nagaland. My Mother holds close to her bosom a family; children of ethnicity spread across a million kilometres of a thousand cities. I am brown but also yellow, my brother speaks a different language, so does my sister. I have a thousand languages from a thousand kin. I am the spice that tickles the thronged marketplace in Kerala, but also the herbs that my grandmother grows in her garden in Kohima. I am Indian!
Yet, seventy four years of 'Independence' and my mind screams 'Captive'. Imprisoned by the screams of my sisters running naked, I grieve. The multiplying rich in my country paralleled by the multiplying poor awakens my sleeping shame. A land ruled by historic conservative ideals with a ban on all social evils; a rise on child marriages and sex discrimination which according to the History book has long been abolished. I cry. I am Indian!
I  hold my identity in between a cave and a river. An identity not only of my own, but an identity of my country. When I emerge from my hiding and find my reflection in the rivers that flows from Brahmaputra and beyond. I assure myself, I am India, and India me. 

Comments On “My Winning Essay: Flash Truths - Taking India\'s Pulse”

  1. Ashish Loach

    Fantastic Script ! Well Done and Congratulations, keep it up.Remember your identity by your soul, your attitude and Zeal inside you to work hard and do something for yourself, your family, your society and your nation. Don't get influenced by the facial / vocal make over. That's World. Best of Luck !

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