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My Winning Essay: “Flash Truths – Taking India’s Pulse” 2021

I have won the 2nd Prize in the 2021 nano-Essay Competition, “Flash Truths – Taking India’s Pulse”, organized by DownloadingMyMind (DMM) in association with the Society for Public Studies(SPS). Eminent Judges selected the winners. I am a student currently in 3rd Year, pursuing B.Sc in Agricultural Sciences from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.  Here ...

Comments On “My Winning Essay: “Flash Truths – Taking India’s Pulse” 2021”

  1. Ashish Loach

    Fantastic Script ! Well Done and Congratulations, keep it up. Your essay took me back to my village days sitting next to my grandmother helping her preparing pickle for the season, all hands rolling over pickle marinating the spices over mangoes, carrots, radish etc, that aroma of the spice, waiting and praying to sun with folded hands help maturing our pickle soon, picking up a piece which is in process to enjoy with bread cooked on charcoal with onion. WOW what a memory!Not to forget my mother and grandmother shouting from the corner not to touch the pickle with barehand as it tends to get spoiled. Thank you for bringing this memory back !