She write to exist

She is the girl who always smiles

She wears her heart out like a dimeOnly she doesn’t exist, or does she?If she didn’t though, how could she be?She is drowned by her companions Repressed like every humans shadow Hidden under a carpet, like dust waiting to be swept awayFortunately, she is the kindest of them allShe doesn’t talk much, only she writesShe writes to exist, to keep the pain away She writes to be heard but you gotta truly readShe writes to stop herself from being just a dreamShe writes because if she didn’t, she’d go madShe has too many thoughts too many words So much she wishes to be but cannot succeedShe writes to fit in, to continue the facadeShe writes because she has to be strong for her friends She writes because everyday she looks at herself She sees a failure, a skank, an idiotShe writes because she can never heal, she can only actShe writes because no one would understand She exists because she writes She writes to continue existing She would be but a memory if the ink never flowedShe is the girl i hide yet the one you will always meet.