Sowing Love

Love is a precious thing that every human should acquire. When we acquire ‘Love’ we do not possess ‘hatred’. Love is an affection that we hold from deep within our hearts. Love is a very precious thing that God has given us. It is really hard to measure ‘love’, because it is beyond our human understanding and only those who felt and possess it, can genuinely make sense of it. Eventhough, the meaning of love has only one intention, yet it has several distinctive categories. Love can be figured in different categories as;
Love of God: The first and foremost kind of love is the love of God. God is our creator. He first love us, He provides us everything that we need on this earth. God’s love is wonderful, it cannot be betrayed rather it is a true love and it is eternal.Love of Parents: Another category of love is the love we basically possess from our parents and the love that we have for them in return. This kind of love is second to the love of God.
Siblings’ and Family Love: This love is conveyed and taught to us by our parents. There is peace and happiness in the whole family through this kind of love. Also we learn to love not only to our siblings but to other family members and relatives.
Friends’ Love: This love is different from siblings and family love. People here are showing their love through sharing and respecting each other eventhough they are not family members. This love builds up our social relationships in the society as a whole.
Love between two lovers: This is the kind of love that usually happen between the young people. It is a special love which comes from the hearts of a young boy and a young girl. However, youth’s period is a period where sizzling decisions are usually taken by the young people. Therefore, parents should take great care of their children during this period especially when the youths engaged themselves in such a ‘love life’.
Love between Husband and Wife: This love is a tremendous love between a husband and wife. It is a kind of love that should not be absence between husband and wife. If there is no love between them, then the whole family is cold and hopeless. This love is very essential to build the strong foundation in the family.
Love of Humanity: This category of love is vitally important and greatly needed these days in the society. If people can acquire this love, then the whole world is at peace. If we hold this kind of love in our hearts, we will exigently love our neighbours, poor people, beggars and even strangers who urgently need help. If the whole world acquire this kind of love, then there will be no violence, betrayal or murder.
Let us sow and propagate love in our hearts and let us teach others also to sow love in their hearts so that people will be at peace with one another and there will be no more hatred. Oh ! How genuinely we crave for such dignity and happiness in the world today. Let us sow ‘Love’ to gain peace and happiness
#Peace and Happiness