The white canvas

The White Canvas,
Painted in red,
Red of some unnamed emotions,
Red of pain?
Or the black of hate,
Hatred for unknown reasons,
Black of darkness?
Or the yellow of hope,
Hope for betterment,
Yellow of smiles?
Or the blue of peace?
Peace which is somewhere,
Blue of calmness?
Or the pink of love?
Love towards one’s own self,
Pink of blooming self love?
Or the grey of shadows,
Shadows of uncertain future,
Grey of fog surrounding us?
Green of jealousy?
Jealousy of some unnamed things,
Green of envy?

The flaming orange of warmth,
Warmth out of love,
Orange of care,
The Golden ray of light,
Light of hope,
Golden of chances.
The silver of serenity,
Serenity washing over one’s being,
The silver of beauty.

Painted with purple,
The white Canvas a blend of emotions,
The colour of feelings,
The feelings of one’s being.
Covered in colours of love,
Scared with the anguish,
Shining with the happiness,
Inked with envy,
Swallowed in pain,
Merging with care,
Blending in the warmth,
Following the ray of light.

The purple covers the edges,
Protecting the colours from the world,
The purple of friendship,
The purple of self love,
The purple of security.

Putting all emotions together,
Painting the canvas,
An artist pours out their heart.