Woman!Who is this woman?She is, woven out of man.Just as it is, in the Creator’s plan,She climaxed creation, to complete her man.The perfect she-man in the great plan.She is not a competition,As she is not the woe of man,But the wonderful side of man.All that her man is not, she is; the completion.Back at the garden, she was not the blame.She just needed her man’s fame,And thought of him, even in her naivety; the call.Then, there was a fall,A fall she less anticipatedBut participated anyways.With blessed womb, she carries new life,Life of hope, and greatness.A life to save generations; redemption.What you give her, she takes, and multiplies.She never returns with no interest, Even if she has no interest.She always tries.She worries, nags, fidgets, all for love. All that her heart can carry, cannot be explained but expressed.In her action, she speaks,And in her physique, she impacts.Irrespective of how she is treated, she rises.No matter how society sees her, she makes a move,A move to make things better, even if she lose praises.She is the softer part of her man,The inner part of man in human form.That part that needs care and attention.She speaks what her man feels,And feels what her man speaks.She is, a Woman; woven out of man.