Unravelling Indian elections 2024: the queered pitch

For the first time, Indian elections warrant scrutiny. The largest Earthian carnival is in full swing in India. Over staggered phases, nearly a billion eligible voters are electing 543 representatives from 62 parties across 36 States and Territories. This grand spectacle of democracy of and by and for the people is fuelled by a staggering […]

Flawed democracies: Modi, Trump, and a dilemma

By Rakesh Ahuja Apr 12, 2024 Is democracy spawning elected autocracies? In 2024, a tale of two much-vaunted yet internationally ranked “flawed democracies” is unfolding. The outcomes of their national elections—India in June and the US in November—will test the mettle of the democratic institutions that underpin their governance systems. In the lead-up to these […]

Australia’s India bet: Not a lay down misère yet

By Rakesh Ahuja Feb 27, 2024 When do shared values become shared interests? Australia’s relations with India have accelerated exponentially. The nearly century-long pattern of discovery and rediscovery of India by the Australian polity is now history. Durable knots are being tied across the spectrum of political, economic, and social issues. No one-night stands anymore. […]