About Founder

Rakesh Ahuja founded DownloadingMyMind (DMM) in 2021.

He is a committed, life-long Existentialist. Hence, a professional career replete with right-angled turns: Wharfie, Crane Operator, Chartered Accountant, Australian Diplomat (11 Posts in 29 years), Consultant on Coal/Uranium Energy trade, Advisor to Australian Federal and South Australian Governments on Trade relations with India, Political/Economic/Cultural Risk Analyst for Corporates entering Australian and Indian markets, CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Certified practitioner, and now the founder of DownloadingMyMind.

Rakesh’s professional background records an eventful life in diverse countries and cultures. He has an insightful knowledge of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) involving lateral, linear and schematic civilisational values. Rakesh is now writing both private and professional facets of his experiences in ” My Story”, which is accessible by clicking RakeshAhuja.DownloadingMyMind.com

DMM Core Value Propositions:

First, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) skills are essential for living and working effectively with other residents of our Earthian Global Village.

Our planet is now interconnected as never before in human history. The very concept of nations being defined only by geographical borders or their ‘original’ inhabitants is under siege by political, commercial, social, and ideological cross-pollination. In the Age of Information, we are becoming aware as never before of how many tribes make up this global village – multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious, and multi-caste.

Diverse societies with different values and practices are being drawn together at personal and professional levels. No tribe anywhere can now hope to exist alone in its own cocoon. Cultural diversity inevitably gives rise to misunderstandings and even conflicts. Therefore, it is essential that we understand why and how an Earthian from another culture thinks or acts if we are to live in peace and harmony, both individually and as fragments of the human species spread across the globe.

CQ is an acquired skill; it is not inherited. A CQ-competent person can work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. S/he does not see heterogeneity as threatening but rather as a creative, exciting, inspiring, and enriching experience for acquiring social and professional CQ proficiency. That is the prime objective of this DMM platform.

Second, every human has a mind, and every mind has a story to tell.

Each of us, however humble our personal or professional background, has much to share with people close and afar. And not only today but also with our descendants to come.

We are born, we live, we die. Most of us lead ordinary lives. Not all of us become statesmen, writers, artists, Business or Sports personalities. However, each of us is unique; each has a life story and a library of unique experiences, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Why should my Life’s Story be wiped out when I am no more?

DMM provides a platform for preserving my Life’s Journey, a legacy of my dreams, relationships, achievements, mistakes made, lessons learnt, and opinions on issues of our day. Gradually, my blogs will evolve into an Autobiography in the Library of My Mind.