Every human has a mind and every mind has a story to tell.

Young or old, everyone makes personal history day after day – precious moments and memories, joys and griefs, thoughts and feelings, lessons learnt and the mistakes made on life’s stage. And we all want to share our existence, be in touch with others as we travel through our one-way life’s journey.

Why should your Story die when you do?

Why should your history not be available to your descendants and fellow humans, generation after generation, long after you are no more?
Yes, a confetti of your experiences and thoughts, personal papers, e-mails, albums and other visual records is available on multiple social media platforms, in hard drives, or tucked away in desk drawers and cupboards. The private you, evidence of day to day ‘happenings’ important to you lie scattered all over the place.
Gradually, most aspects of your mortal existence will soon be forgotten or lost or disappear in the clutter of bits and bytes in iClouds.  Who will remember what you did, she said, he did even a week later?  Over time, you too will forget your actions, thoughts, feelings in your own special moments.

So? Write the Book of Your Life on a ready-made, cost-free platform. It will be readily available on the shelf in the public Library of Minds. Permanently.


You can blog on anything and everything, from your personal and professional life, to your travels and hobbies, to your health and happiness.  You can blog as much or as little you like about your NowLife at work, at play or whatever.  Share what you wish with family, friends and the wider world beyond.
Your blogs will evolve into an autobiography as you add to it. It will be part of the collection of mind-books in one location. As in any library, others can dip into your book, as you into theirs. And you can interact with fellow authors whose life’s journey and minds interest you.

The Library of Minds provides you a personal, virtual corner in the world-wide web universe.

You can download selfies of your mind and your life’s journey – who you were, your views on particular subjects, your personality – in a chronological, coherent and compact manner.

Forever and Free. 

The landscape of your existence will remain in the Library of Minds as your permanent legacy in words, sounds and visual mediums. In one place, and accessible free and forever to your family, descendants, friends and future generations. .