Chinese Scrolls – FOR SALE

Rakesh Ahuja

I am now culling, downsizing and dispossessing chattels. Over the years of extensive travels, I have inevitably collected a modest cache of artworks ranging from the good to bad to ugly. It is now time to dispossess by any means – sale, donation, or discarding to the rubbish bin.

Starting from my visits and posting to China in the 1960s-70s, I gradually accumulated a collection of Chinese scrolls, seals, furniture, etc. Much has been given away (or lost) in the last half-century. Many items were damaged particularly in the course of shipping to India. Now starts the process of lightening the remaining mortal load.

So I am starting with eight Chinese scrolls. One is already on the cover. Photographs of the other eight are attached. I should be grateful if any reader of this blog – particularly sinologists, Mandarin literate – could suggest what I might do with them. The first question, of course, is whether these are of any artistic, aesthetic or monetary value? Or have any merit to justify a modicum of effort to shepherd them out of my life e.g. by identifying the right party to whom to donate one or more?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and regards


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