Artificial Intelligence: Testing It

On 16 July, I tested AI for advice on filial bonding using a hypothetical background. Its response is sweeping but comprehensive. All very obvious and sensible. I shared it with my sister!!


What steps should I take to develop a close relationship with my sister, Rashmi? She is 13 years younger than me. We are not close. Apart from the age difference, we did not spend our childhood together. She knows hardly anything about me or what I have done to this day. That apart, due to our upbringing and growing up environments – she in the Indian context, me as a loner in the Australian context – we are vastly different. Rashmi is an Indian – Indian replete with local cultural norms. I am a hybrid, mostly infused with Western rationalist values and with unconscious and conscious biases against most Indian societal mores. But the time has come to know Rashmi better at this latest age of life and ensure she knows me well enough to Execute my Will faithfully. What steps should I take to achieve this?



Developing a close relationship with your sister Rashmi, despite the agedifference and cultural variations, is possible with effort and understanding. Here are some steps you can take to strengthen your bond:

1. Initiate communication: Start by reaching out to Rashmi regularly. It could be through phone calls, video chats, emails, or any other means of communication that suits both of you. Regular contact will help you get to know each other better and build a connection.
2. Express genuine interest: Show curiosity about Rashmi’s life, interests, and experiences. Ask her about her hobbies, school, friends, and anything that is important to her. Be a good listener and validate her thoughts and feelings.
3. Share your experiences: Openly share your own life experiences, stories, and memories. Let Rashmi know about your upbringing, your journey, and the events that shaped you as a person. This will help her understand you better and create a stronger bond.
4. Respect cultural differences: Acknowledge and respect the cultural differences between you and Rashmi. Embrace the richness of both Indian and Western cultures and be open to learning from each other’s backgrounds.
5. Find common interests: Discover activities or topics that both of you enjoy or care about. It could be a shared hobby, favorite movies, books, or even some aspect of your cultural heritage that overlaps.
6. Spend quality time together: If possible, try to visit each other or plan activities together when the opportunity arises. Quality time spent in person can foster a deeper connection than just distant communication.
7. Be patient and understanding: Building a close relationship takes time and effort. Be patient with the process and understanding of Rashmi’s perspectives and feelings. Respect that she might have her own pace in getting to know you better.
10. Support and encourage each other: Be supportive of Rashmi’s aspirations and goals, and offer encouragement in her endeavors. Celebrate her achievements and be there to help her during challenging times.
11. Share family history and values: Share stories about your family history, traditions, and values. Understanding the family’s roots can help both of you feel more connected and provide insights into each other’s backgrounds.
12. Be honest and authentic: Be genuine and authentic in your interactions with Rashmi. Avoid pretending to be someone you are not or hiding your thoughts and feelings. Authenticity helps build trust and closeness.
13. Include her in your life: If possible, involve Rashmi in important events and gatherings in your life. This will make her feel more included and valued as a family member.
14. Be consistent: Building a strong relationship requires consistent effort. Stay committed to maintaining regular communication and engagement with Rashmi.

Rememberthat building a relationship takes time and effort from both parties involved.Be understanding of Rashmi’s feelings and perspectives, and be open to learningfrom each other. Over time, your efforts can lead to a meaningful and closebond with your sister, benefiting both of you in many ways.

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